The Hawthorne Abolition Alliance asks, wouldn’t it be nice if we weren’t persecuted in our own city?

Photo: Instagram via @jasoncharleslucero

What is perhaps most insidious about state-sanctioned violence is its ability to slither around, causing irreversible trauma, while remaining virtually unnoticed. As 2020 has so unapologetically shown us, this violence can manifest itself in a myriad of ways: a Black Woman murdered in her sleep, over 200,000 avoidable Covid-related deaths, and the forced sterilization of migrant women under state custody. In Hawthorne, much like any other relatively small city, while this violence is lethal, it’s very subtle; in fact, if you blink, you might just miss it.

Everyday in our city, our Black and Brown neighbors are subjected to hyper-surveillance…

¿Alguna vez has conducido por un lugar que hace que tu cuerpo reaccione físicamente? Un lugar que estás seguro de haber visto antes, como en un sueño o en una película. Esto sucede muy a menudo para mí, excepto que sé exactamente dónde lo he visto y no es en un sueño o en una película. Los diferentes parques alrededor de Los Ángeles evocan sentimientos de nostalgia, anhelo y pertenencia para mí, son lugares que he visto de niño; Lugares que he visto con mi papá.

Cuando mis hermanos y yo éramos jóvenes, nuestro papá nos mostró el mundo a…

3 Beers In

I am 3 beers in right now so please bare with my scattered but thoughtful thoughts.

“thoughtful thoughts?”haha okay I’m just going to go with it.

For about 6 months now I’ve been feeling like something’s been missing, or at least somethings been knocked off balance, like I’m walking on marbles with nothing to hold onto but a dwindling past.

I’ve always been an “in the now” kind of guy, so you can see how this feeling left me pretty confused and a tiny bit broken.

Today, as I sat with one of my best friends, drinking beer and talking…

Byron Barahona

Trying to understand myself and the world around me a few metaphors at a time.

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